Memory Clean-up Program to avoid error/crashes:
The new version of the Kitserver is trying to manage all the HD content of a patch plus the HD tattoos/skins of so many players included.
This might cause random crashes in some systems.

Thanks to @serhansar, we tested and we highly recommend a special tool to solve this issue.

It is a small program called ‘4gb patch’ that will help users to get rid of any memory-related crashes.
Download it here:

Run the program and simply ‘patch’ the PES6.exe
You will then stop having random crashes.

Another special tool is recommended. It is called CleanMem and you can find it here:

It collects “garbage memory” from an exe, manually. You simply select the PES6.exe and you force it to release un-required memory blocks, so the RAM usage stays low on your system. It can even work on a timespan (every 10 minutes or so). You can test it, especially when you often play the game for 3-4 hours, consecutively.

Anti-Stuttering / Anti-Lag solution for your game:
Following the advice of @Ciais, there is a very good way to make PES 6 run smoothly (especially if you are running the game on Windows 10).

Download these files:

Extract the files in your PES 6 main folder (where the exe is). The problem will be gone.
If not, some other possible solutions can be found here (read this topic).

Also, using RESHADE on the exe of your game will help it even more.
Check the program here:

When setting up Reshade, select Direct 3D 10/11/12.
The program has many other features too, such as some ‘special filters’ for your game to make the colours look better etc.

Alternative Commentaries (many languages available)
Our friend @etherovamon has created a well-detailed topic that includes all commentaries for PES 6, in many different languages.
Check the topic here:

(You must delete the e_sound.afs file in the big ‘dat’ folder of the game and then replace it with the one you downloaded from the topic)

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