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20 classic SPL teams for PES 2020

-This will replace the fake PEU league.


-Thanks to ‘Killie 1974, for some of the players & most kits’. This has now been expanded to a 20 League team mostly consisting of Old Firm Era teams and plenty more players amended & added.

Download & Install Instructions:
The main folder that the download is in must be named WEPES for PES to recognise the file types, therefore please do not remove the files from this folder after downloading.

Once downloaded copy the WEPES folder to a USB stick & insert in PS4.

In PES game: (optional)
To change the PEU league logo to the retro SPFL logo: Go to Edit Menu, Import Competition, now tick the ‘SPFL logo’ file. Then scroll to the top & click ‘detailed settings’ then ‘import’

To Import 20 Classic SPL teams:
Go to Edit Menu, Import Teams, now tick all of the Scottish club teams. Then scroll to the top & click ‘detailed settings’ then click ‘apply player & squad data’ then ‘Ok’. Let this install for 5 mins. This will replace all team in the fake PEU league to classic Scottish club teams with players, kits & badges. (If for some reason some of the teams are missing kits or logos you can import and add these manually as they will be in the download folder).

Save game:
In the Edit menu ‘save’ to make sure you don’t lose your newly loads teams.

Play in Kick Off/Exhibition mode:
At the Kick Off team selection screen press R3 (right controller stick down) on pop up screen choose ‘Live update off’
Otherwise you will only see player kits and not the edited correct SPL players in the teams. Now scroll down to what was the old PEU league & enjoy your game.
(Although kits will show online the actual retro players will not, this is for local Kick Off mode play only).


Classic International League 1 PES2020 PS4 Option file (24 teams)


Some teams & kits borrowed from previous years option files, amended into Era teams and players added.

This replaces the English 2nd division (Skybet)
Because this division will be updated by PES every now and then through auto updates you may notice every quarter that the players in the teams have messed up, simply re-install all the teams in this league if this happens after a PES updates.


Classic International League 2 PES2020 PS4 Option file (20 teams).


This replaces the fake teams in the PLA league.

Some teams & kits borrowed from previous years option files, thanks to user ‘Classic PES 2020’ for converting last years option files, I have made some amendments & replaced/added some teams.

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