Sky Sport & DAZN Italy Hoppus 117 .rar


I hope you enjoy my job, have fun!!hfB1FaBZ!Ec8GcofU7iopvUHepz2Xg5j0aPZoohoti0kEKQcC_Mk

Scoreboard Sky Sport & DAZN Italy Hoppus 117 .rar
5.6 MB

21.04 update

DAZN Fix resultTeamRecordPes!NThl0YgR!fJSE6esy2fnZflMNMFbk7adCayWfMX2GIYJrWBkQL1g

How to install: Copy the modules folder in to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 main folder and overwrite old file!

  • why add mirrors is a good thing? some countries blocks some hosting sites
  • if there are shortners, and don't work: refresh page or retry later, usually works
  • some shortners need for "get link" button to be clicked 2-3 times to go next


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