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Download Links (Extras):
Relink Chants For Patches (CYPes) (EvoWeb) (God of Football) (IPM) (PesUniverse) (Ruitrind) (Smoke)

What Happens When Installed:
– All included Bundesliga team audio will relink automatically to the team ID’s used by the patches.

How to install:
– Place after ‘Preds_2020_Chants.cpk’ in DPFileList.bin
– Extract into “preds-root” sider folder replacing original files.
– Ensure that you only have one chantlist.bin saved in your sider setup. The one from the patch.

UPDATE – Chant Pack Related
Hi guys, I’m really not enjoying working on the chant pack at the moment, it seems impossible to achieve perfection. There are way too many variables between the audio configuration, chantlist and ch_config files.

In its current state of V9 the home sound is spot on, when drawing again the chants are good however the moment the away team takes the lead, the chants stop completely. With vigorous amount of testing I’ve narrowed the “issue” to the provided ch_config file that allows player chants to play. I’ve managed to make a slight improvement but noticed with that file removed, then the chants play better between teams when losing and winning. The away team chants are slightly quieter than home but I think that would be normal.

Annoyingly this entire problem stems down to Konami removing player chants from PES2020 and the resulting ch_config is too different from prior versions. What stings is when my chant pack is installed on PES2017 for example, home/away chants are perfect and player chants are playing perfectly too. Everything is great there just I can’t get the same outcome in Pes2020.

So my question for everyone is, what are we concerned more about? Having player chants being possible or having both teams chants throughout the match? I love the player chants but the non existant away sound is bothering me so hopefully having some feedback will help things going forward especially with the test file below.

So a note for people wanting to test and hear the difference: –

(1) = V9 installed as provided.

(2) = To get closer to how Pes2020 would expect to sound with added bonus of loss of player chants (thanks Konami): –
delete or rename ch_config from livecpk\preds-root\common\sound\config\Chant\​

(3) = For hopefully a better version of V9 try this, installed via sider (player chants also restored as a bonus): –​ (link is above too)

– By removing the file via (2), PES2020 is more in control of itself and plays chants how it should be expected. When away team is winning for example, home chants can still play.
– By installing the new ch_config via (3), the player chant ability is retained and also away chants can play (slightly quieter). However its one or the other, home chants would only sound when they are winning, away chants would only play when they are winning.

Both of these options produce a different “sound” to the match compared to original V9 so hoping people can feedback their preference. Please test home and away games too if possible.

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