NBCSN 2021

NBCSN Premier League Scoreboard – V2 – Last Updated 05/09/2021

Download Links:


How to install (LiveCPK via Sider):
– Ensure latest version of Sider is installed.
– Ensure latest version of Scoreboard-Server is installed.
– Extract contents into Scoreboard-Server directory.
– Update Scoreboard-Server’s map_competitions file with following if not already existing: –
17, England\EPL\NBCSN



Please credit if you use this pack in your patch.

Juce & Zlac – For their work on updating sider/scoreboard-server to allow the use of dynamic coloured text
Cesc Fabregas – Authorised use of his Premier League replay wipe.
Eskpist – For providing the necessary hex co-ordinates in his hex values thread and the use of his modified bin.
Spursfan18 – Answering various questions I had regarding the build & for the use of his example files found Here
Shawminator – For building CP Pes Explorer which was used to import images.
Txak – For maintaining the Pes2019 hex co-cordinates Google Doc
NFS_FM – For creating the 24 8-bit logos that are included in the pack to combat white logo on white image.

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