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So how does this all work?
Well in essence it’s nothing but an alternative UI to “Kick off/Cup/New Tournament”. It will generate a Cup Save file for a Final/Semi-Final match between the two selected teams *. Once the file is generated, MatchUP will then go into monitoring mode where it will wait for match results.
The steps would be
1)Start PES and alt-tab into your desktop
2)Run MatchUP and go to “Play Match” menu and choose the required match parameters or you can go to “Live Fixture” menu and choose any match.
3)Once you have chosen the match settings you can click on “Play Match” button, this will generate the Save File.
4)You can then Alt-Tab into PES , the save file will be visible in the “Kick off/Cup/Load” menu. You can then load up the save file and play normally.
5)Once the game is over you will have to manually save the game **.
6)Once the game is saved, MatchUP will automatically detect changes in the save file and will display a popup with the match results

  • why add mirrors is a good thing? some countries blocks some hosting sites
  • if there are shortners, and don't work: refresh page or retry later, usually works
  • some shortners need for "get link" button to be clicked 2-3 times to go next


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