Hello mates,
I spent the last weeks trying to learn the art of facemaking and after some frustration I finally found a method that works quite well for me.
So here is my first small facepack, I hope you guys like it.
Please keep in mind that those are my first faces! I know they aren’t perfect – but I’m still learning and trying to improve my method.
Right now I’m struggling with the textures and also with the connection of face and hair, so any help and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated :))
Please let me know if you find any bugs. I tested them ingame and for me everything worked perfectly, but you never know…

Facepack I https://mega.nz/#!xCYRiCoR!HvzkrmywC3YET4px3uK5woH-t2Tc-aUhRVte_cAPR1s

Here’s my second Facepack for you guys. Still definitely not perfect (believe me, I know that). I keep struggling with the hair, that’s just not my favourite part to work on I guess 😀
But I think my textures turned out better this time. Played around with Photoshop a bit and found a good new method for me, so that’s an improvement at least.
Anyway, I hope you like it! As always, please hit me up if you find any bugs :))

Oh and just fyi – I know that Villalibre has a different hairstyle at the moment, but I couldn’t find a model with short hair and a longer beard, so I decided to go with longer hair + longer beard.

Facepack II https://mega.nz/#!taBFCA6R!NYr3H1cE6K8e43mxrXj7aJNAKJ1_ZEfmDfDkWjbMx2w

Here’s facepack III with three players from Jupiler Pro League. I know it’s not a hundred percent similar to the real faces, but I guess that’s nearly impossible and yes, I’m just not that good :LOL: But I think I’m slowly getting a little bit better at it, so that’s progress at least 😀

Facepack III https://mega.nz/#!RTwX1ISA!3pmqILFSIOuR6B0q3qL_eoltpHdSKA6_xwElBt7vNuY

+ Pedri: https://mega.nz/#!BGpQCQzT!3Y7yzDBgz3whxCWVXhIt-Ie0HAj1pZzjiPSA_DmSuD0

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