EvoWeb Community Adboards – Continuation – 14/01/2021

This post is for anyone wanting to continue using animated video adboards within their game.

Compatible Versions
– Pes2021
– Pes2020
– Pes2019
– Pes2018

Important Information
Ensure you have downloaded ALL files regarding the EvoWeb Community Pack found in this thread and place any new files that I make, after the original 5 in the DPFileList. In respect of the original authors of this mod, please use original links where possible. I do provide alternate links in support of an easier sider installation and also for backup purposes in case any go down for whatever reason but obviously, original should be used first ideally: –

Examples of an Animated Adboard


Adboards Included

Disclaimer – All adboards are made by authors of the original EvoWeb Community Adboards or Konami unless otherwise stated. Adboards marked with 20-21 are made by myself.

Cup Competitions
AFC Champions League (Konami Original Static)
English Community Shield (20-21 Animated)
English FA Cup (20-21 Animated)
English Championship Play-Offs (20-21 Animated)
ICC (Konami Original Static
Scottish Cup (20-21 Animated)
Spanish Copa Del Rey (20-21 Animated)
Spanish Segunda Play-Offs (20-21 Animated)
Spanish Supercopa (20-21 Animated)
UEFA Champions League (20-21 Animated)
UEFA Europa League (20-21 Animated)
UEFA Super Cup (20-21 Animated)

Club Countries
– Argentinean Primera (Konami Original Static)

– Belgian First Division (Konami Original Static)

– Brazilian Serie A (Konami Original Static)

– Brazilian Serie B (Konami Original Static)

– Danish Superliga (Konami Original Static)

– English Premier League (20-21 Animated)
Arsenal (20-21 Animated)​
Bournemouth (17-18 Animated)​
Brighton (17-18 Animated)​
Burnley (17-18 Animated)​
Chelsea (17-18 Animated)​
Crystal Palace (17-18 Animated)​
Everton (20-21 Animated)​
Huddersfield (17-18 Animated)​
Leicester City (17-18 Animated)​
Liverpool (20-21 Animated)​
Manchester City (17-18 Animated)​
Manchester United (17-18 Animated)​
Newcastle (17-18 Animated)​
Southampton (17-18 Animated)​
Stoke City (17-18 Animated)​
Swansea (17-18 Animated)​
Tottenham Hotspur (17-18 Animated)​
Watford (20-21 Animated)​
West Bromwich Albion (17-18 Animated)​
West Ham (17-18 Animated)​
Celtic (20-21 Animated)​
Rangers (20-21 Animated)​

– English Championship (20-21 Animated) (Red/Blue/Black/Yellow)
Watford (20-21 Animated)​
Celtic (20-21 Animated)​
Rangers (20-21 Animated)​

– French Ligue 1 (17-18 Animated)
Paris SG (17-18 Animated)​

– German Bundesliga (17-18 Static)

– Italian Serie A (17-18 Animated)
AC Milan (17-18 Animated)​
Inter Milan (17-18 Animated)​
Juventus (17-18 Animated)​
Lazio (17-18 Animated)​
Napoli (17-18 Animated)​
Roma (17-18 Animated)​

– Italian Serie B (17-18 Animated)

– Netherlands Eredivisie (17-18 Animated)
Ado Den Haag (17-18 Animated)​
Ajax (17-18 Animated)​
AZ (17-18 Animated)​
Excelsior (17-18 Animated)​
Feyenoord (17-18 Animated)​
Groningen (17-18 Animated)​
Heracles (17-18 Animated)​
NAC (17-18 Animated)​
PSV (17-18 Animated)​
Roda (17-18 Animated)​
Sparta Rotterdam (17-18 Animated)​
Twente (17-18 Animated)​
Utrecht (17-18 Animated)​
Vites (17-18 Animated)​
VVV Venlo (17-18 Animated)​
Willem II (17-18 Animated)​
Zwolle (17-18 Animated)​

– Portuguese Liga Nos (17-18 Animated)

– Scottish Premier League (20-21 Animated)
Aberdeen (20-21 Animated)​
Celtic (20-21 Animated)​
Kilmarnock (20-21 Animated)​
Rangers (20-21 Animated)​

– Spanish La Liga (20-21 Animated)
Atletico Madrid (17-18 Animated)​
Barcelona (17-18 Animated)​
Real Madrid (20-21 Animated)​
Sevilla (17-18 Animated)​
Valencia (17-18 Animated)​
Villareal (17-18 Animated)​

– Spanish Segunda (20-21 Animated) (Red/Blue/Black)

– Swiss Super League (Konami Original Static)
Basel (17-18 Animated)​

Installation Instructions


– Extract all CPK files to your PES ‘Download’ folder.
– Update DpFileList.bin using any DPFileList Generator.
– Ensure you have all CPK files installed in the right window of DPFileList Generator in either of these orders *MANDATORY*: –
Original Files​
EW AB Addon v2.cpk​
EW AB Addon v3.cpk​

Simplified Files​


– Ensure latest version of Sider is installed.
– Create ‘EvoAds’ inside the Sider/LiveCPK directory.
– Extract contents of EvoAds1-5.cpk to EvoAds using CRI Packed File Maker.
– Extract contents of EvoAds6-7_Preds_V1.cpk to EvoAds directory overwriting any files.
– Edit Sider.ini in Notepad and add a new line (type manually, don’t copy and paste): –
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoAds”​

Download Links



EW AB Addon v2.cpk


EW AB Addon v3.cpk

Parts 1-5 – https://mega.nz/file/VW5wXR7A#5zr8uGTjqggInAnCftt5RX39vEIO5SWWrMZkB-ADIWw

Parts 6-7 – EvoAds6-7_Preds_V1.cpk


– Restored Eredivisie and Liga NOS animated adboards that were incorrectly replaced by PES defaults.​
– Removed Henrikh Mkhitaryan reference from Manchester United adboard.​
– Removed 17-18 text references from Burnley, Everton, Paris SG, Tottenham​
– Removed Pes2018 adboards from Barcelona and AC Milan​
– Added 20-21 animated competition adboards for:​
– England​
– Championship (4 Variants: Red/Blue/Yellow/Black), Community Shield, FA Cup, Play-offs, Premier League)​
– Scotland​
– Scottish Cup, Scottish Premier League​
– Spain​
– Copa Del Rey, La Liga, Spanish Segunda (3 Variants: Red/Blue/Black), Supercopa de Espana​
– Champions League, Europa League, Super Cup​
– Added 20-21 animated team adboards for:​
– England​
– Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Watford (Championship/Premier)​
– Celtic (Championship/Premier), Rangers (Championship/Premier)​
– Scotland​
– Aberdeen, Celtic, Kilmarnock, Rangers​
– Spain​
– Real Madrid

Big thanks to everyone involved on the original pack as it was all amazing in Pes2018 and still is in the current games.
– DrDoooMuk
– Hawke
– majuh
– Cesc Fabregas
– digitalfoxx

Additional for Majuh and Ctonian as my initial updates used to use their 2019 UEFA adboards with permission but I have since created animated adboards for these tournaments.

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