Bug Reports

Links below include original links from makers. Ask their FB, twitter, forum profile or below for others.

2.model export not working reported by themex, reason for this is for some unknown reason I removed the code, so the button actually does nothing at all.will look to add back in at some point, until then I will disable the button

Extract and replace existing .exe and .dll
Fixed 1st bug as reported above.
few other issues sorted I found myself, updated ball server manager to remove invalid assignments.

Additional Stuff
Comp ID For use with Sider server modules
Instructions:- Extract and place in the DLC Version/2020 folder.​

  • if post has links that don't work, ask in comment for new
  • or search original posts and ask maker for re-upload or more details on mod
  • if there are shortners, and don't work: refresh page or retry later, usually works
  • some shortners need for "get link" button to be clicked 2-3 times to go next
Tutorial for shortner links : https://pastepub.com/download-help/


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