On pastemod you can publish your pastes and share them to your friends.

Post ONLY :
– game mods for GTA, Minecraft, simultators, PES, Skyrim, FIFA and other games
– mods (others types)

Anything else will be removed.

Do NOT post :
– login details
– email lists
– hacked data
– password lists
– stolen source code
– banking / credit card / financial information / data
– copyrighted information / data
– pornographic information / data
– personal information / data
– spam links

Do your pastes stay online forever?
YES, as long they are not reported and they are not in the above Do NOT post list.

We do not index your paste in google or any other search engine.

You can create as many pastes as you want and you can get the link from your browser tab:

Be friendly and feel free to share to the world your paste!